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Our Mission

H&S Impact Group (also known as H&S Enterprise, Inc.), helps organizations and communities thrive and overcome nationwide social and economic inequities through industry-specific integrated strategies, sustainable solutions, and advocacy.

What we do


Business Development

We help grow your business and offer opportunities to access capital and manage your infrastructure and capacity.


Health Consulting and Professional Services

We offer consulting and professional services to providers, hospitals, suppliers, and pharmacies to increase community engagement, create high quality patient-centered care, enhance access and provide solutions to achieve health equity.



We help raise awareness, organize events; and empower organizers and facilitators to connect with people and resources to positively inspire, motivate and impact social justice. We also organize, mobilize and empower communities and organizations to achieve structural, enduring and impactful changes that increase the power of those who are most disadvantaged politically, economically and socially.

Our Vision

We strive to improve outcomes for all people worldwide who face inequity by closing the resource gap and raising awareness for affected peoples and their allies. We advocate for and create sustainable solutions to reform the criminal justice system, healthcare, economy and education industries.

H&S Impact Group / H&S Enterprise, Inc. is a 100% women-owned and minority-owned consulting company and professional services company. We’re based in Delaware and have clients worldwide.

We’re located in Wilmington, Delaware, less than an hour from Philadelphia and Baltimore.

(302) 364-2231‬



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